Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lesson Learned

So here I am @ 4 weeks 2 days (according to the due date calculator) learning my first lesson (of many I assume) on this journey. 

Lesson learned?

I need to eat. a lot.  I need to put myself on some sort of schedule and force myself to eat even if I don't feel hungry.  I made the mistake of going too long in between "meals"  (in quotes because I obviously need to change my definition of a meal now as well) and almost passed out on the kitchen floor.  I was in the process of making myself something to eat but the lightheaded feeling/shaking got really bad and it resulted in me crawling to the fridge to grab my bottle of Gatorade.  Don't ask why I grabbed Gatorade and not the container of strawberries, I have no idea, all I remember thinking was "must. get. gatorade." I didn't wind up passing out and, after a frantic call to my mom, and a perfect timing appearance by my SO, I was able to get the food from the pan to the plate and eat it.  and then I had seconds.  and I am still hungry!!!!

As someone who needed to eat every 3-4 hours before getting pregnant, I don't know why I thought I wouldn't need to eat sooner than that while baking a baby.

Love & Nutrients,

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