Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~19W Bump~

19 week update - Feeling great!  Fatigue hits me hard every now and then but it's not unbearable like it was in the 1st trimester.  My appetite disappeared for a few weeks but nowadays I'm eating ALL the time - today I brought 2 lunches to work and ate one at 10:30ish, lol.  I'm still hungry but am stopping myself from eating the second one before 12:00. haha.  I feel movements that still feel like bubbling/popping mostly while I am eating & right after.  Baby must be really excited to get some food :)  I am waking up at least 2 times in the middle of the night now to go pee.  Ugh.  I miss sleeping through the night, lol. I go in for my level 2 ultrasound tomorrow, here's to hoping that everything is a-ok!

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