Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nobody Puts Baby In A Life Boat!

Today must be the day for eye candy since ABCFamily decided to show BOTH of these movies today!

In other news, I am sick. Boo.  At my last appointment my PCP gave me a z-pack to help fight off any infection because my sinuses are acting up.  She said she likes to treat asthmatics as soon as possible because it typically ends up in their lungs.  Well, the last time I was on antibiotics I wound up with a yeast infection and a 44 day cycle, so I opted to fill the meds but not take them until after O.  However, I woke up this morning with two VERY swollen glands on the back of my neck and decided that I should probably take the antibiotics and risk another YI and late O/long cycle just to be healthy.  Blah.  I probably should have started them sooner because the vertigo is kicking in! Not a good sign.  :(

I still refuse to take the daily Ibuprofin (800mg) for my wrist.  But, who knows how I will feel about that tomorrow.

Love & Eye Candy,

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  1. So sorry you are sick. Hope you get to feeling better soon!! Hope you dont get a YI either. I hate those so much.