Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Break, Breakdown

Well, AF must definitely be on her way since I've been fighting back tears ALL. DAY. LONG.  So, in the words of Jay-Z, we're on to the next one.

I saw my PCP tonight for my asthma issues and I'm very happy!!  She gave me Advair as a maintenance inhaler and also offered to send me home with a nebulizer, which I happily agreed to take home because I've been wanting one for awhile now.  The only thing I am concerned about/questioning is that she told me my thyroid level is a 12 and it is normal.  Say whaaaa???  I am calling tomorrow to double check on the number because I am not finding anything that says a 12 is normal.  In fact, it's about as normal as:

In the course of my medical-filled evening I had to get an x-ray of my wrist due to recent pain (when I put pressure on it or lift something) and swelling.  Of course when I told the x-ray tech that I *could be* pregnant she automatically wanted me to do a pregnancy test.  I requested a blood test (I had JUST gone pee), which she agreed to, but the lab tech was no longer there so I had to squeeze out a few more drops in order to PIAC.  I didn't get my hopes up but I wanted to burst into tears (it was my theme for the day) when the nurse said it came up negative.


So, I am expecting AF to show up tomorrow (or even overnight) since today is CD 13. 


Love & Breakdowns,


  1. (((big hugs))) Hope the doctor was wrong on the thyroid thing. Screw AF!!! She is a witch! Happy you got your respiratory stuff cleared up. Wash your mouth after takin Advair. Thrush sucks!

  2. FU AF!!! Hang in there sweetie!!! Hope the thyroid thing gets worked out!