Thursday, January 26, 2012


I am 24w2d today!  This week was an eventful one.  Monday morning (23w6d) I slipped and fell on the ice on my way to my car before work.  I fell on my left side, so there was no impact to my belly.  The school nurse here at work suggested I call and let my dr. know just to be on the safe side, so I did.  The advised me to go to the ER just to get checked out/monitored & make sure everything is ok. The dr. at the ER said that it's hospital policy to keep you and monitor once you reach viability (24w) and that she didn't think they would do that for me since there was no impact to the belly.  She called my dr. and came back to let me know that it was requested they monitor me for the full 4 hours since I was only 1 day shy of viability and if anything were to happen, they would most certainly step in and help me and Webby.  I was told that during the 4 hours if I had 6 or more contractions during a 2 hour window that I would need to be admitted for overnight monitoring.  I was fairly certain that I had nothing to worry about and for the first 2 hours that was the case.  During the 3rd hour of monitoring I had a "spree" of 8 contractions, which I am almost certain were Braxton Hicks brought on by having to pee really badly, since they stopped once I emptied my bladder.  The dr. told me I still had to be admitted.  So, I spent the night in the antepartum unit, hooked up to a fetal heart monitor and a contractions monitor.  It wasn't too bad but I don't know how women spend months on end on bed rest, I was so restless after just a few hours!

All checked out and I was discharged Tuesday morning :) 

I felt silly going to the ER over a fall that didn't have any impact on my belly but I am glad I went.  I got to hear Webby's heartbeat and hear him moving around, while also feeling it, which was awesome.  The best part of all was falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

~*~ January 26, 2012 ~*~
~*~ 24w2d ~*~

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